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Conference Founder


Singapore's First Women Leaders in Aerospace Conference

The SheLAEds conference is an educational outreach event dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the Aerospace industry by facilitating conversations amongst high-school girls and women leaders in aerospace. It was inspired by Georgia Tech's Women's Leadership Conference and organized solely by me with the help of Alumni Coordinators, Principals, and College Deans. The event was targeted towards girls aged 14-18 who wanted to change the world and were curious about the aerospace industry. This included aspiring Astronauts, researchers, engineers, CEO’s, aviation journalists, Space Talk Show Hosts, and climate change advocates.

There were eight speakers throughout the day (from NASA, Stanford University, Georgia Tech, Boeing, Airbus and Delta Airlines) video-calling in and in-person sessions with Microsoft Asia and Women in Aviation Asia, followed by Question-and-Answer sessions with each speaker. Lunch was provided (halal and vegetarian options included) and sponsored kindly by the School of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech. The conference concluded with a networking session with notable advocates for women in STEM in Singapore – including tech companies, space professionals and university outreach programs.

Women's Leadership Conference 

Georgia Tech

The Women's Leadership Conference first began in the winter of 1998 as a means to celebrate, recognize, and learn more about the strong leadership exhibited by the women of the Georgia Tech community. Today, the conference remains a gathering of women who have sought to become leaders in the classroom and the boardroom as well as the communities where they reside. The one-day conference offers workshops, speakers and discussions aimed at training women leaders on area campuses and in the Atlanta community.

After attending the conference in 2019, I was inspired to host SheLAEds and joined the Logistics Team for the 2020 WLC Planning Committee. Besides handling basic logistics, I also created an immersive photo backdrop that allowed participants to pose with their own 'folding chairs' as part of the theme for the conference.


This conference has taught me how to recognize the right kind of support from my friends, keep the promises that I make to myself and celebrate my small wins. I am genuinely so excited to see the shape that this conference takes on next year. Till then I’ll try my hardest to keeping making space for myself and others on tables - and bring ‘our own folding chairs’ if I need to.

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