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Systems Safety

Wisk Aero
Palo Alto, May 2022 - Present

I started my career as a Systems Safety Engineer in the United States, at Wisk Aero in July 2022. This was my dream role since age 14. 

Here I..

• Contributed to the Failure Hazard Analysis of the Mission Management System for the System Requirements Review. 
• Led a meditation at work with an international team of engineers across Boeing, Wisk Aero and Aurora Flight Sciences. 

• Received a Systems Safety certificate after a training from Kansas University professional education. 
• Pitched an Aerospace Fellowship engagement plan to the PeopleOps team.

Skills :

FHAs Process Guidance

Systems Engineering

Leading meditations at work

Palo Alto, May - July 2021

I was 22 when I had my first Aerospace Engineering internship in the United States, at Kittyhawk as a Systems Safety intern. This was my dream role since age 14 and this internship contributed to my interest in systems safety and amplified my spirit in wanting to make a difference in the industry. 

Here I..

• Coordinated Systems Safety Analysis software demos with providers, and created a Fault Tree Analysis using ARP 4761
• Demonstrated the effectiveness of MBSE principles for certification with examples to improve organizational processes

• Learned about the standards ARP 4754, and ARP 4761, and guidance AC23-1309-1E. 
• Pitched an Aerospace Fellowship engagement plan to the CEO as part of the Inclusion Committee and Culture Building group

Skills :


Model-Based Systems Engineering

Leading discussions with software providers

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