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Non-Destructive Testing 

Setsco Services Pte. Ltd

Singapore, June - July 2015

I was 16 when I had my first Aerospace Engineering internship in Singapore, at Setsco Services Pte. Ltd as a Non-Destructive Testing intern. This internship contributed to my interest in aviation safety and amplified my spirit in wanting to make a difference in the industry.

I learned about:

...Fluorescent Liquid Penetrant Testing

...Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Testing

...Eddy Current Testing

...Ultrasonic Testing

...(Computer) Radiographic Testing

One of my most challenging projects here was to shoot twenty-two turbine blades an hour in an effective position with a 320 kV X-Ray, process the ROLLPAC film and then search for foreign object damage using Computer Radiography.  

I also had the opportunity to shadow auditors and learned about the auditing process. 

Skills :

Computer Radiography  Networking 
Foreign Object Detection 

Ultrasonic Testing  Liquid Penetrant Inspection 

 Operating Large X-Rays  

Processing X-Ray Film

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