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Science Communication

​Through my efforts on Instagram, YouTube, and my blog I have...

  • Demonstrated experience growing a social media audience and using analytics to monitor trends and results

  • Acquired excellent written, verbal and visual communications skills, with an ability to distill complex science and engineering topics into concise, accurate, engaging, and easily understood language

  • The ability to communicate using a variety of media including short- and long-form writing, photos, graphics, and video 

  • Demonstrated enthusiasm for engaging audiences in conversations about planetary science and space exploration topics

  • The ability to think creatively and strategically


Stories of Women in STEM

I love stories, story-telling, and story-tellers. I love the way one's eyes light up when they're talking about something they love - something that they are passionate about. I love listening to personal anecdotes - a faux-pas, a moment of triumph, sadness, anguish, or jealousy. Later, I love reaching for the trail mix of experiences that have been left behind by a lifetime of friends, family, and acquaintances. ​

'You are not alone in the things you feel.'​


That is what I reckon drives so many of us forward, pushing for excellence in our pursuits, glancing back only at the lessons from the past. On my blog, I record those lessons, carefully curated in small doses for every occasion and primarily for myself - to push forward.


I look to the women who have gone before me and are going along with me in my quest to strike a balance between the social, academic, and spiritual components that comprise life. I share their stories, capturing their most authentic and unfiltered selves in the hopes that they spark inspiration within you and me.


YouTube Channel

Skills :

Content Strategy  Photos 
Short and Long Form Writing 

 Branding   Social Media 

 Science Communication  

Engaging Audiences

Skills :

Video Editing  Scripting 
 Branding   Public Speaking

Communication  Interview - Questions 

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