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I joined DBF as a bright-eyed freshman. It had been on my list of organizations I knew I had to be a part of prior to starting college. This organization taught me everything that I would need to know about airplane design from a 4-5 year course, in 6-8 weeks. It was exhilarating and  terrifying at the same time. 

I was the wing-lead for a portion of the 2018-2019 AY where I designed and tested a folding mechanism for the wings using SolidWorks, the laser cutter and buckles such that the aircraft could fit inside a 3 x 2 in box, transition from stowed to flight configuration and mechanically lock without assistance. I built, sheeted and MonoKoted the control surfaces and assisted my team in building the airframe.


I also contributed to the official report which was submitted for the competition which

has given me proposal writing experience as I addressed how our design met the given criteria. 

Skills :

Structural Design  CAD  Proposal Writing
Building with Balsa Wood  Propulsion Trades

Controls  Examining Rules  Aerodynamic Trades

 Sizing Trades 

Configuration Brainstorming

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