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International Students in Aerospace

I gather stories of international students and foreign nationals in aerospace who continue to build better spaces than the ones they inherited. My hope is to build the ever-evolving resource that I wish I had when hitting roadblock after roadblock in pursuing my dreams. 

Peruse through these sites for global opportunities in aerospace. Look keenly at emerging technologies and start-ups and follow-up with those you feel inspired by on their organization's 'Contact' pages and/ or LinkedIn.

International Job Boards

Join the following groups to build a larger network of internationals in aerospace. 

International Aerospace Students Association (IASA)
Women of Aeronautics and Astronautics (WoAA)
WoAA Nepal
WoAA India

Build Community

Apply to a Fellowship

Career Paths and Tips

Interest: Systems Safety | Location: United States, Singapore | Contact: Rikhi Roy | TikTok | Instagram

Interest: AI/ML, Autonomy, Safety | Location: United States | Contact: Dr. Tejas Puranik

Interest: Astrodynamics | Location: United States, India | Contact: Bhavi Jagatia

Interest: Data Analytics | Location: United States | Contact: Ai Thai

Interest: Astronomy, Astrophyics | Location: United States | Contact: Dr. Massimo Stiavelli

Interest: Space and Deep Tech Investment | Location: United States | Contact: Dr. Maureen Haverty

Interest: Flight Test Engineering | Location: United States | Contact: Ricardo Saborio

Interest: Business Development | Location: United States | Contact: Nicole Jordan
Interest: Software Engineering | Location: United States | Contact: Lilian Ng'ang'a

Interest: Space Sustainability | Location: US, Vienna, Germany | Contact: Dr. Minoo Rathnasabapathy
Interest: Systems Engineering | Location: United States | Contact: Dr. Sydney Do
Interest: Business Development | Location: United States | Contact: Lydia Zhang

Interest: Mission Operations, AI/ML | Location: United States, Canada | Contact: Hira Nadeem


Interest: Systems Engineering | Location: United States, Ireland | Contact: Shireen Datta


Interest: Space Systems, Space Policy | Location: United States | Contact: Dr. Maya Nasr

Interest: Plasma-Material Interaction | Location: United States | Contact: Judy Park

Reach Out Regarding: Scholarships | Location: United States | Contact: Simran Dhoju

Interest: Aerodynamics | Location: United States | Contact: Dr. Avani Gupta

Interest: AI/ML | Location: France, Scotland, United States | Contact: Sarah Lappin

Interest: Geophysical Sciences | Location: United States | Contact: Sasha Warren


Interest: Space Systems | Location: Germany, UK, United States | Contact: Julia Stankiewicz


Interest: Mechatronics | Location: United States, Mexico | Contact: Nathalie Vilchis


Interest: Strategy | Location: United States | Contact: Estefania Castillo

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