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Professional Summary

As a third culture kid raised in Thailand and Malaysia, with a Singaporean heritage and Indian ethnicity, I experienced education with a global perspective. This now allows me to interact successfully across cultures and has given me the ability to communicate in five languages. It has also fostered an emphasis on empathy, kindness, and inclusion and given me the unique opportunity to undergo a year-long training in peace-building theory from UN experts; facilitate a conference in Timor Leste with youth from areas of conflict; direct 200+ person dance showcases to fundraise for the NGO ‘Voice of World’ in India, and propose ambassador programs for UN Women Singapore’s Girls2Pioneers campaign. Therefore, I cultivated and demonstrated a strong sense of initiative from a very young age.

My past work experiences have involved non-destructive testing, engineering, data analytics, and science communication. They have also involved research-based, client-focused roles that were rooted in technical knowledge, and required working with teams across time zones. ​I have a passion for brainstorming, idea generation, event planning, design, content creation, and website building as well.


Languages    English  Bengali  Hindi   French    Mandarin 

Programming     Java  MATLAB    HTML    Python  

Software   Adobe Creative Suite  iMovie CAD  Simulink  XFOIL   SQL 

                               MS Office  Adobe Acrobat  OpenVSP   JMP   SysML

 Blog Creation Pitching  Editing    Market Research   

Technical Writing    Branding  Calendar Planning Social Media    Fundraising 

Article Writing   Event Planning    Layout Design (Web/ Print)  


Travel   Indian Classical Dancing  Wellness  Fitness

Personal Development Podcasts   Business and Leadership Podcasts  

Writing   Blogging   Painting    Digital Storytelling   Graphic Design

Coffee  London Fog Tea  Historical Fiction  Non-Fiction

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