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Amazon Prime Video

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 " #AmazonPrimeAd // freaking out about the new show @goodomensprime on @amazonprimevideo (the book and now show, by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett). Its Alpha Centauri references have me gleaming with joy ✨

Alpha Centauri is the closest star system to the Earth and this show tastefully captures humor, astrophysics, sci-fi and fantasy for a great end-of-the-work-day treat. 10/10 recommend.

What makes Good Omens so special are Aziraphale the Angel and Crowley the Devil, the two unlikely forces that come together to stop the end of the world. “The end is here and only this unlikely duo can stop it.” Watch Good Omens only on Amazon Prime Video. "

Dunkin' Donuts

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#AD// New year, New @dunkin ’ order!

So excited about finally trying Dunkin’s new Beyond Sausage Sandwich that offers a plant-based patty alternative. It was the best way to curb those post-work and pre-Spaceflight Operations hunger pangs at 5 pm!! (Yeah I have class at 6 pm 😅)

Head to your closest Dunkin’ to try it 🤤
#hbtdunkinbeyond2 #DNKNxBYND  "

Kettle Brand 

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#Ad// November is stressful like it’s suddenly freezing and you have 10 different deadlines due within 2 weeks and everyone is panicking and it’s dark all the time ~ so grab a bag of @kettlebrand chips and munch those scaries away. #hbtkettlebrand #KettleBrandPartner "


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" ✨LIFE UPDATE✨ In 2013 after dance class one day in Singapore I’d saved a video: “Miss America Nina Davuluri Bollywood Dance” - the first contestant of Indian descent at Miss America had done a classical/ fusion piece for her talent segment - and WON. Representation mattered. That little girl in that video prelude was ....and the 1000 other students at my Indian dance school. ‘Culture’ was ‘cool’.
Fast-forward to spring break when I discovered her skin-care line which used ‘Indian Ayurvedic’ ingredients which had been recommended by my grandma for AGES. The founders @rooshyroy and Nina made using turmeric on my face ‘cool’ and ‘glowy’. Over spring break I was recuperating and chasing after well-being and productivity with a good mask on!! Yes self-care is about discipline and not an indulgence!! Yes it’s about mental health .... but it could be about a good mask or two, too 😉 ▫️
Fast-fast forward to a day ago when I get a DM from @ninadavuluri (!!!!!) to represent a line of products I already use and love and a cause I care so deeply about. Having healthy skin is important and removes distractions (for me) from changing the Aerospace industry 🚀 ✈️ it makes me happier .
So scroll to see the effects of turmeric, neem oil, raw honey, a consistent emphasis on wellness&gratitude and a deeper love for my Indian heritage and everything it brings. Thanks Nina and Rooshy! "

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