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I am currently pursuing my Master's in Aerospace Engineering, at the Aerospace Systems Design Lab at Georgia Tech.  I earned my Bachelor's in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech in 2020. As a third culture kid from Singapore, my immersive educational experiences in Asia, Europe, and the United States have cultivated a passion for service and an appetite for broadening my exposure. Curious as ever, I have become a big believer in asking 'Why?' My big 'why' was the MH370 disappearance as it revealed profound vulnerabilities in air travel in 2014. I felt a compulsion to learn more about the operation of an aircraft and use my strengths in physics and maths for 'good'. My passion for aerospace safety and my strengths in communicating with stakeholders,  have led me to research 'Failure Modes in Aircraft Location Tracking' during my Bachelor's degree; work on 'Flight Safety Predictive Modeling using Machine Learning'  as a graduate researcher for the FAA, and intern as a Systems Safety and Certification Engineer for Kitty Hawk during my Master's degree.


I share stories about the Aerospace industry, Women in STEM, and wellness to tackle an engineering degree.

After enrolling in my Bachelor's degree,  I began blogging to learn how to thrive in the program and process my successes and failures. Soon, my wellness blog for female engineers like myself evolved into a Science Communication platform for women in STEM on Instagram and YouTube. Through this, I advanced my skills in communicating with both technical and non-technical audiences and worked with brands like Amazon Prime, Dunkin Donuts, Kettle Brand, and Healthade promoting Aerospace and wellness. 

This distinct aspect of my resume helped me receive my Brooke Owens Fellowship internship offer, ultimately making me the only international Brooke Owens Fellow in 2019. The fellowship offered a paid internship and executive mentorship from astronauts, CEOs, award-winning journalists, and senior government officials. I did not take the opportunity lightly, acknowledging the responsibility I now had to use my immense network for 'good'.

In May 2019, I founded and hosted Singapore's first Women Leaders in Aerospace Conference, SheLAEds. I coordinated logistics across continents and organized everything from the venue, speakers, sponsorships, conference material, swag, lunch, and volunteers. Taking this initiative in combination with leading Georgia Tech's Premier National Indian Classical Dance Team transformed my leadership skills inside and outside of the classroom and taught me how to multi-task across a range of projects with constantly shifting priorities.


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